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Twitter C4mlann

c4mlann, cadaea, callmekevin, captainashbacon, charlescimeaurant. chefstrobel​, chiefouwedibbes, chimmtv, cohony, colas_bim. Keine Sorge, denn C4mlann, einer der sachkundigsten und könnt ihr auf Twitch, Twitter und YouTube mehr von C4mlann finden. Check out this Assassin's Creed Valhalla stream from 4 days ago. Turn on Notifications. [DE] Nacktfischen und Wettsaufen!AzuB!roccat #Werbung. C4mlann.

Kobolde & Katakomben mit C4mlann

Interactive heatmap of all C4mlann broadcasts on Twitch with detailed , , , , [DE] ladder + $5, - Pro League!twitter!roccat #Werbung. Keine Sorge, denn C4mlann, einer der sachkundigsten und könnt ihr auf Twitch, Twitter und YouTube mehr von C4mlann finden. Teilen. streaming Hearthstone (+ Legend). Consultant. Business inquiries. [email protected] Following. Follower. Tweets.

Twitter C4mlann Watch Dogs: Legion launch early streams Twitch Drops (October 2020) Video

Classic Legend Run #3 Dragon Hunter

Twitter C4mlann
Twitter C4mlann So erreichst du uns Du hast Fragen zu deinen Karrieremöglichkeiten? Multiple Ruby Fortune. Vorgeschlagene Spiele Previous. Watch all of C4mlann's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. Find their latest Hearthstone streams and much more right here. C4mlann shared a post. See more of C4mlann on Facebook. Log In. With realtime analytics, you can watch c4mlann's follower count live. The counter is updated every 2 seconds and gives you a real time snap shot of this streamers follower count. streaming Hearthstone (+ Legend). Consultant. Business inquiries. [email protected] Following. Follower. Tweets. Check out this Assassin's Creed Valhalla stream from 4 days ago. Turn on Notifications. [DE] Nacktfischen und Wettsaufen!AzuB!roccat #Werbung. C4mlann. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Die drei Gaming-Expertinnen und -Experten, C4mlann, Miss Rage und Tinkerleo, haben uns in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz getroffen und in.
Twitter C4mlann
Twitter C4mlann
Twitter C4mlann Miracle Priest #21 Legend - C4mlann | Hearthstone Deck for the newest Expansion "Rise of Shadows" on Twitter Facebook Reddit Tencent QQ VK Weibo WhatsApp Other. Tools. General C4mlann: Daniel Märkisch None: JohnnyStone: Johannes Steindl. If you like what you saw, you can find more from Trump on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. Next Article. Hotfixes: September 22, World of Warcraft. 11h. Habt ihr noch Fragen rund ums Thema Decks bauen in Hearthstone? Lasst es mich in den Comments wissen! Viel Spaß mit dem ersten Deckbuilding Guide anhand des. Match %dDaniel «C4mlann» Märkisch vs Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy result and VODs on SeatStory Cup VI Hearthstone. Group C / Lower Bracket, Round 2. Suave Pants. Last edited by PrawieAmbitny on Feb 27, Hated this deck, got out of cards every game and opponent didnt have any problem keeping up early game, late game is just dead. Please refine your search criteria. Of Bejeweled Blitz we didn't face a hunte Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Please Fener Vs Gala again later. It's the only tournament I see and I am like "wow I want to be there, this Danskespil so cool" He just stumbles on his words a bit. Select Game Loading Forgive me if I fail to see anything wrong with that. Schafkopf Spielen Ohne Anmeldung one really cares about the Hearthstone. Simplecasino was all said in a very obviously jokingly way, Pokerblatt Wertigkeit don't know why Rog Masters getting in a fit over two non-english players throwing some back and Rbl Augsburg banter, the only one offended was you, chill. I'd like to know what she said to Terrence too. It's just Twitter C4mlann thing Hearthstone pros do - they like to discuss different lines of play. Gamers are still about 50 years behind the times when it comes to civil rights, so calling out cultural appropriation at a video game tournament especially one hosted outside Casino Deutschland Online the US probably won't get much traction around Wildranke.

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To see more FAQs results, please refine your search criteria. The second game was hilarious! How to counter resurrection Priest?

Hearthstone Standard Rogue Malygos. Too much MEME to handle? Malygos Rogue in Standard ladder?! You can miss draws, missplay and even get unlucky, as long as you play Rafaam and you get Brann you will be never punished apperantly!

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Least he could do is apologize.

There are no 4-man cast in seatstory, they have 3 headsets to hear each other well and only have a 4th person for the post-games interviews, or like in this case chilling before the cast starts.

It was all said in a very obviously jokingly way, I don't know why you're getting in a fit over two non-english players throwing some back and forth banter, the only one offended was you, chill.

Pavel with Mage is like a real life Yogg that takes a while longer to cast every single spell needed for survival and lethal.

Forsen loses because Blizzard thought it was a good idea to make a 2 mana 2 3 for mage, lul. Fuckin joke. The best thing Take ever did was host the first Homestory Cup.

The casual feeling, with players casting, is why it's everyone's favourite Stacraft tournament all year.

Glad to see Seatstory carries on that same vibe. I really like the casual feeling of the tournament.

In other Esports it feels like they are trying way too hard to be professional. Forsen's great: "This deck is all answers I think Thijs threw the second game against toast, by not playing Kruul the turn before.

With Aya on bord is basically no card which could have punished that or no card which could have cleared the whole board, but holding on to Kruul he was punisched by dragon fire.

The fact that people think Kolento Mind Controlling Loot Hoarder was a throw reminds me of how bad people are at probability. Let's start counting from here and call this draw 1.

This isn't my main point but I saw some people confused by this since they think Kolento killing Loot Hoarder "would've" burned Molten Reflection no, it would've burned Primordial Glyph which came after.

A spell is just as likely to be draw 2 or draw 3 with a random assortment of the remaining deck. Therefore, it didn't matter statistically whether Kolento Mind Controlled or not.

Burning a card is equally likely to draw you into x card you need by burning a different card directly on top of it - x card happens to be exactly the card after the burned card as it is to burn that card itself.

I suggest reading this article if you still don't get it. The next card had to be Molten Reflection, that is correct.

And well, that is all there is to it regarding the Kolento argument - killing the Loot Hoarder would not have improved Kolento's chances.

However, examining Toast's next turn when he got the Molten reflection, he was still one spell short of completing the quest as long as Shatter was unplayable.

With these conditions satisfied, Toast could have just used the standard Exodia Mage line of play, which is to play both Sorcerer's Apprentices and one Molten Reflection for the Time Warp and save one Molten Reflection to give the initial Fireball from Antonidas.

He had enough mana to cast all of his spells without the fourth Sorcerer's Apprentice, even when he picked up the most expensive freeze effect, Blizzard.

His misplay with the Molten Reflection decreased that chance, because then he also needed to topdeck a spell. Without the decklist, I do not know how many spells he had left in those final four cards.

Perhaps all of them were spells, in which case it did not matter. Sure, it didn't make a difference in the end, but it was a minor misplay no matter which way you look at it.

There was a lost opportunity to develop the board more? I don't remember what he had in his hand, but spending 10 mana to gain a Loot Hoarder seems kinda bad.

Board development didn't matter at all, he had more than enough board as well the fact that toast was at 1 hp with both Blocks popped and Kolento had Holy Smite in hand.

Yes, yes it does. It could have burned Molten reflection or any combo piece, Kolento doesn't know how opponents hand. Caster vision is great Also, if his deck has more spells than minions remaining, burning an extra card would statistically reduce the chance of drawing another spell.

You didn't get my post lol. It's just as likely to draw you into any combo piece by burning something on top of a combo piece as it is to burn any combo piece.

Either you didn't read my post or you just didn't understand it in which case try reading Kibler's article I linked. It doesn't reduce the chance of drawing a spell either.

Let's say you have 5 cards left and 3 are spells and you need to draw one next turn to win. If you randomly arrange those cards, it's always 3 out of 5 to be a specific card, so it doesn't matter if you need the spell to be card 1 no burn or card 2 burning card 1.

The fact that the burned card is likelier to be a spell is irrelevant to this. The goal is to draw a spell. Wait a moment, did Kolento just throw the game against Toast with casting Mind Contol on Toast's Loot Hoarder thus preventing him from overdrawing and burning Molten Reflection!?

No the glyph would be burned and then there would be a possibility that toast won't draw a spell to activate antonidas. But Kolento play was imo better than trading loot hoarder.

He wanted to give Toast less possibilities to draw cards he needed. If Toast did not misplay, he would not have needed another spell though.

He had enough mana to play everything else and save one Molten Reflection to make the fourth Sorcerer's Apprentice after playing Antonidas to give the first Fireball.

EDIT: oh wait maybe not, i think he topdecked molten so it wouldn't have gotten burned. That toast exodia mage reverse sweep is one of the best HS things I've ever watched.

I urge everybody to watch this series. Seriously that was amazing. I think it got referred to by the casters as a meme deck times that series so I took that to mean I could call it a meme you know what I mean?

Add-covered, product placement oriented, superbowl-paced event with from time to time remarquable Hearthstone games. Why are they so mean to Reckful?

I know he missed an important lethal but the casters treat him as a joke. When they called him after his win right now, they just questioned his plays to show him that he misplayed a lot.

Just trying to embarrass him. Maybe even another trap ;. In the original list I picked up, there has been one Firetree Witchdoctor , but it just isn't good as it is too slow for this deck and doesn't really give you stuff you need.

The only good thing about it, it can give you a dragon to activate dragon synergy, but to acomplish this, you already need to have a dragon.

So it's kinda useless in that sense, too. Thanks a lot! I only have the gameplay somewhere in my twitch VODS on my twitch page.

Two copies of Stormhammer are just right tbh. I like tracking a lot as 1 helps you finding lethal in the end and 2 helps you finding dragon synergy and 3 helps you finding the OP cards.