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Upswing Poker

UpswingPoker · @UpswingPoker. Follow for poker strategy tips, articles and videos from world-class players. Grab our free preflop charts here. Upswing Poker Lab Reviews. Many Indian Simulator as well as 3 forums Lab Reviews urged the Als to Junge wollte but immer Polizist, in. Internet - Accepting​. Poker Player ♥️ ♦️♣️ Twitch Streamer wsop's profile picture. wsop. Final Tables's profile picture upswingpoker's profile picture.

Poker Position Charts.

Hutchison poker hand rankings. JavaScript OpenHUD module: Upswing Poker tips. JavaScript Card Player magazine fast poker odds calculator. JavaScript. Step by Step Texas Hold'em Rules Wrote For Beginner Poker Players. Learn The Rules Now, Download FREE PDF Guide, And Steal Your Enemies Chips in. UpswingPoker · @UpswingPoker. Follow for poker strategy tips, articles and videos from world-class players. Grab our free preflop charts here.

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Upswing Poker
Upswing Poker
Upswing Poker We do not offer a free trial. Worth it alone to just watch the videos of Doug and Ryan. Learn from Bitcoin Code Seriös best. This mini-course takes just 45 minutes to complete! Welcome to the Upswing Poker YouTube channel! The topics covered will be poker strategy, common mistakes, poker tips, how to play poker hands, bankroll manag. At Upswing Poker, we value your security & privacy. We only use industrial strength secure servers, payment processors and have an iron-clad privacy policy in place to protect your information and order details. The latest tweets from @UpswingPoker. Free Poker Resources; The $7 Postflop Game Plan; Upswing Lab NL Hold’em Course; Advanced Training. Winning Poker Tournaments by Nick Petranglo; Cash Game Course by Kanu7; PLO Mastery Course by Dylan & Chris; Heads-Up Course by Doug Polk; Mixed Games Course by Jake Abdalla; Short Deck Course by Kane Kalas; High Stakes MTT Sessions by Nick. By comparison, the odds of making a straight flush, poker’s second strongest hand, are %, with the odds against at 72,to Calculating the odds of royal flush for Texas Hold’em requires different mathematics, as Texas Hold’em hands are made by choosing the best five-card hand out of seven total cards. analyze every 3-bet, every check-raise, every decision you've ever made in every hand you've ever played online. Used by top online poker professionals. The Upswing Poker app features Preflop charts from top poker players like Doug Polk & Ryan Fee. The preflop charts cover Online Cash, Live, and MTT games. UpswingPoker. Gefällt Mal. shares winning poker strategy and content with our users. Zwar hat sich Doug Polk aus dem Highroller-Geschäft zurückgezogen, doch als Coach und Betreiber der Trainingsseite „Upswing Poker“ ist er der Pokerszene. Upswing Poker Lab Review – Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) Multi-table poker tournaments (MTTs) are probably one of the most popular formats of No-Limit Hold’em. Thanks to the fact that players can compete for large prizes (relative to small buy-in), MTTs are . The latest tweets from @UpswingPoker. The Upswing Poker Game Plan is intended to be as practical as can be for beginner level poker players. The goal is for you to quickly learn the course material and then start applying it at the poker tables as soon as possible. Final Thoughts So should you enroll in the Upswing Poker Postflop Gameplan? Is . Doug and Ryan discuss various high stakes situations, many of which are televised hands that they themselves played in. I would suggest going through just one or two modules a night in this section of the course in order to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed with too much information. The final part lab is the interactive chart viewer which gives Skl Euro Joker Ziehung starting ranges for almost all situations you can imagine. Preflop mistakes are death by a thousand cuts in Pot Limit Omaha. An extensive segment on check-raising from the big blind was added to the module after the initial release, and it is presented by Jason McConnon. Basically, you will be getting a little bit of everything with this course. Deal Of The Week! Just contact me if you enroll in Upswing Poker Lab with a yearly optionand I will give you Elvenaar great course about live play nuances, which will help you excel further when playing live! Upswing Poker have also developed their own app for these hand charts available for both Android Jack La Motta iOS so that you can view them all right on your phone. While it is impossible to answer every possible question that comes to mind when Victoria Valmer about multiway pots, these videos offer many valuable insights and will help you improve your play in many sticky situations. Save even more with a six-month or yearly plan. September 9, However, most of us Upswing Poker occasionally play live as well and having some resources to fall back on in this particular area is very helpful.

Meant for serious tournament players, Winning Poker Tournaments is an advanced training course with cutting-edge strategies explained by one of the world's best.

Nick is widely regarded as one of the best live and online tournament players in the world, and he doesn't hold back in this course.

Note that this course is great for non heads-up players as well because understanding wide-range situations applies to all forms of poker.

Doug is known for his clear and concise teaching style, and he will help you take your poker skills to another level in this course.

Great for mixed and limit game players, Mixed Games Mastery is a comprehensive course covering 5 of the most common and important game types: Razz, Stud, Stud 8, Omaha 8, and Triple Draw.

Learning from Jake Abdalla means you are learning from one of the most feared mixed games players in the world. Meant for serious online cash game players, this advanced cash game training course is based on thousands of hours of gameplay, solver research, and opponent analysis.

This comprehensive course is for poker players who want a huge edge in the new and exciting game of Short Deck Hold'em. Kane has a natural ability to make complex Short Deck concepts easy to understand, even to those who are brand new to the game, by drawing on concepts from No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha.

December 3, By Dan B. November 18, September 9, By Mike Brady August 28, August 18, Watch, learn and talk with top poker pros.

I would suggest going through just one or two modules a night in this section of the course in order to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed with too much information.

Also, everything is covered here from the basic terminology and the fundamentals of winning poker to highly advanced topics such as river bluff raising ranges.

This means that whether your are brand new to the game of poker or a seasoned grinder, you are going to learn a lot along the way here.

The core strategy section is still only the beginning of what The Upswing Poker Lab is all about though. Once you have gone through all 29 core modules the next step is the Advanced Lab Strategies section.

Following a similar format as before, in the advanced section there are 26 more modules with dozens of video lessons on high level poker theory and how to apply it from both Doug Polk and Ryan Fee this time as well, who is also a high stakes poker pro.

This section is the real heart and soul of the Upswing Poker Lab in my opinion, and offers some of the most advanced cutting edge poker training in the world.

Here are some of the topics covered:. How to play your flush draws like a pro Dominating multi-way pots How to crush the regs with overbets Hand reading and understanding blockers Deep stack poker strategy.

For me personally, this was one of the best parts of The Upswing Poker Lab because some of the concepts i. And this is the kind of stuff that truly separates the amateurs from the pros.

There is also one final module in this section where you can download hundreds of hand range charts to be exact which explain exactly what hands to play in pretty much any poker situation imaginable.

These charts cover online cash games, live poker games and tournaments as well. This is really mind-blowing stuff because you basically get an exact answer for any preflop situation imaginable at the poker table.

Raise this hand, fold that hand and so on. Upswing Poker have also developed their own app for these hand charts available for both Android and iOS so that you can view them all right on your phone.

Now of course all of the standard caveats apply here. I would advise that you don't try to copy these charts literally.

Every situation is different in poker and you need to adjust for things like player type, stack size, relevant history and so on.

However, these hand charts are a highly impressive tool nonetheless especially for beginner or novice level poker players who are still trying to figure everything out.

They are almost like a "cheat sheet" for how to play. Even though I am primarily a cash game player I think this section would be highly useful for any aspiring tournament pros out there.

Starting with preflop there are detailed explanations of how ranges work in MTTs and how they differ from cash games.

After that there is a large discussion of ICM Independent Chip Model analysis and an entire section devoted to just big blind theory stack-off ranges.

Which is a nice bonus. Extracting value in poker is one of the most important things to understand and adapt, which is why Doug Polk takes over to deliver nine videos about the idea of overbets, i.

Doug firstly goes to explain basic motivations behind overbets and also why it is under-used in practice. After explaining the reasons and motivations, Polk goes on to explain various situations where overbets can be most effective.

He also gives plenty of examples where such play should be avoided. So, understanding the reasons for these moves can help you tremendously improve your overall gameplay.

Guys behind the Upswing Lab continue to deliver on their promise to make this course alive with new content. An extensive segment on check-raising from the big blind was added to the module after the initial release, and it is presented by Jason McConnon.

While being in a big blind is disadvantageous by default, McConnon goes at length over several modules to explain how to build your check-raise ranges vs.

This part of the course covers deep stack play and blind vs blind situations. As stacks get deeper and there are more blinds in play, things start to change significantly, and we need to adjust our decisions on all streets, starting with the preflop.

For example, with deeper stacks, people are more inclined to defend wider from the big blind, which should influence you raise sizing as well as continuation bet frequency on different boards, etc.

However, you might not want to focus too much on this particular segment of the course early on. Mastering basics and utilizing the available information to build your ranges and strategy is more important than trying to understand the high-level thinking that often occurs at nosebleeds.

In the Beyond Core Strategy segment, there is also the part containing a wide scope of handy downloadable resources you can use at any time.

These include things such as:. All of these are very useful as they make it much easier to utilize many of the concepts explained throughout the lessons.

Upswing Lab prepared their mobile app that contains all sorts of charts presented throughout different modules all in one place.

In total, there are more than ready-made charts from the Lab. This app is extremely handy as it makes it possible to have your ranges with you wherever you go.

These charts are truly one of the best parts of the course because they provide an answer for pretty much every situation out there.

Thanks to the fact that players can compete for large prizes relative to small buy-in , MTTs are equally attractive to recreational players and the pros.

One thing to keep in mind is that this tournament-specific course does suppose that you already have the basic ideas and concepts covered, either from watching the first two LAB parts or by being someone who already has a good grasp on the fundamentals.

The MTT module itself is divided into several large segments, covering various concepts involved with the tournament play, such as:.

Lessons are delivered by Polk and Ryan Fee, taking turns to explain different topics along the way. The first video in this module is an introduction to tournaments, explaining the dynamics and expectations of MTTs.

Learning the basics is easy. However, becoming good in tournaments is fairly difficult since it requires constant strategy adjustments because of varying stack sizes, different opponents, and ICM considerations.

From this general introduction, the module goes to video explaining hand ranges in MTTs and various adjustments.

It goes fairly in-depth about the differences between cash games and tournaments in terms of your preflop ranges. In cash games, things are fairly standardized, so figuring out your ranges is somewhat easier.

In MTTs, with increasing blinds, antes, and ICM considerations, the hand selection becomes a constantly changing process. With stack sizes ranging anywhere from a few hundred blinds to just a few blinds during various stages of the tournament, it is virtually impossible to have one standardized preflop chart that you can memorize.

So instead, you need a good baseline established based on your:. The video continues to cover crucial points and delivers quality information to deal with preflop problems.

ICM the Independent Chip Model is a concept only applicable in tournaments as it is non-existent in cash games. In cash games, every chip is worth its face value, i.

So, to give you an idea of what your chips are worth at a certain point in a tournament, the ICM model was invented. Many players seem to overlook the importance of this model, so this minute video on ICM by Polk is an invaluable source of information.

In it, he explains how the values of your chips change throughout the tournament and how you should change your strategy accordingly to maximize your expected value.

Overall, this is a very good video that brings across the whole idea of ICM, what it is, how it works, and why it exists in the first place.

In tournaments, the big blind is probably the most important position, which is why one video in the module dedicated to big blind play.

Playing from this position is extremely challenging because you are forced to put the chips in with a random hand and out of position.

Once the antes kick in, the big blind will often have great pot odds to call and see a lot of flops with fairly weak hands. Ryan Fee makes some interesting points about this, showing that in terms of raw equity, even calling with a 72o against a fairly strong range opening 2.

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